Testimonial - 10th July 2013

First Time when I talk to Sukhi in my restaurant, I had a Feeling already --- He is Not a NORMAL person, he has something special inide his mind.

It was a honor experience got Sukhi invited me to his house and spend such a long time to educate me. This was a Golden time for me.
The business idea in his mind is not only great--- IS AWESOME!!! And he is such a generous person, he only saw me once and he is willing to share what he knows and taught me through.

He born to be a businessman, he has such a Clear mind of business ideas, every word he said has just solved my confusion in my business. I just can't find any word to thanks him. Thank you!

Sukhi was incredibly generous Suhki has given me a clear direction in my business, and boost up my confident. And there is something amazing behind, when I mention my passed away Father, Sukhi Knows him well! This is such a feeling in my mind --- The Father God sent Sukhi to help me!

Sukhi, you are a AWESOME business advisor! I wish I can be like Sukhi in one day. Sukhi you are my hero!

Thanks again Professor Sukhi,

DAVID CW YIP -'Restaurateur of Emperor Restaurant

Emperor Restaurant - Peterborough

Sukhi - Testimonial 05/07/13

I can hardly believe what a difference spending time with Sukhi has made to the way I’m thinking about myself, my business and the future. Within minutes of meeting me he had told me exactly what has been holding me back and very quickly began to really challenge me to think differently. I thought I had significant goals for my business, but in just one session he has not only enabled me to realise that I had hardly even started thinking big, but also handed me a model by which I can take my business to a whole new level.

Over the last few years I’ve worked with several coaches, but had failed to find anyone to provide me with real insights that went beyond the normal rehashed business growth ideas that have become widespread. I even had a session with one of the best known names in the UK when it comes to small business development and got nothing from him that I hadn’t already heard from a coach charging 10% of his fee. I’m not saying that these coaches have all been bad, but it is truly great to finally find someone who is able to challenge me to think completely differently and who doesn’t hold back in sharing his ideas.

Three days after the session I’m pleased to say that the inspiration that I felt having met Sukhi is still with me. I feel more energised and excited about moving my business forward and definitely seem to have a new level of creativity as a result of the larger vision that I’m now holding for the future. The fact that all this was delivered by someone who is so authentically open and caring, and who has mastered the advice of Francis Treon to “speak your truth but soothe your words with peace” such that he can dig into core beliefs but still enable you to feel safe, is quite amazing. A man who lives the highest principles and values and just happens to be a bit of a business guru – thank you Sukhi!

Michael Nicholas - Founder - MD of Optimal Training

Optimal Training

Testimonial - 01/07/13

Sukhi has managed to change my way of thinking in just a few hours. There was One personal question I had been struggling with for the last 20 years, he got the answer in few seconds without me saying a single thing! Words simply cannot express how much uplift and self believe Sukhi brings into your life!

There is nothing else like his humble, straight to the point approach on all aspects of your life being it in business or personal. Lovely soul and a visionary! I had only one session and felt like I knew Sukhi for a while and felt that he truly understands me completely.

For all first comers out there like me who were worried about how this introduction session will work out and if it will help you, I say without hesitation make time and see Sukhi at your earliest possible time. Without a doubt he will bring goodness & clarity into your life.

Xeniya Yun - CEO Petrolux Ltd

Petrolux Ltd

Testimonial - 26/06/13

Over a period of two weeks, I had one brief introduction, an hour long conversation, and a four hour meeting with Sukhi, and throughout this time his values were clear and remained consistent. I found Sukhi to be a humble, thoughtful, quick thinking, spiritual person with great integrity. His comments, thoughts and observations about me and my business were accurate, timely and relevant, and throughout showing his gratitude for being able to serve a fellow man.

Colin Smith - Founder & Director at Dexterity Solutions Limited

Dexterity Solutions

Testimonial - 25/06/13

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Sukhi discussing the big dreams I have for my Startup company Karisma Kidz!

Sukhi shared valuable insights within seconds of my arrival and the golden nuggets just kept coming... 3 hours later I left with food for thought and most importantly specific actions to take that would turn dreaming big into doing big and living big!

I can't wait for the next opportunity to spend time with Sukhi as I continue on the road to success. If you want to take yor biggest dreams and turn them into a reality, the razor sharp coaching Sukhi provides is just the tool to unlock your greatest potential.

With love and gratitude

Erika Brodnock - CEO and Founder Karisma Kidz

The Centre for Positive Children Ltd

Testimonial - 15th June 2013

Clarity comes to mind when I think of Sukhi; built upon a solid foundation of care and love for fulfilling the ultimate purpose of service to others and doing so with a humble open heart.

I've just began my journey with Sukhi however straight away he knew me and knew how to communicate with me, to be on my wavelength.
He’s already bought clarity to my business ideas by refining them down to thoughts and visions that were scattered everywhere within my mind, to making them more attainable with simple constructive tips on how to lay them out onto paper.

Before they were just dreams and now I'm faced with the truth that they’re becoming a reality

Words can't describe how grateful I am to have met Sukhi and for all the time he's given me, I’ve had the honor of working with, and alongside many other professionals from all walks of life who’ve given me an insight into myself and the key to a successful business creation and management; but none have been like Sukhi, he made my vision which seemed so out there become closer by simply understanding how my brain works and how to bring clarity to that disorder.

"Clarity, creates strategy, which develops structure, then forms belief, which begins action"

Sukhi Wahiwala

Live, Learn, Love and Leave a Legacy

Inderjeet Rajpal Founder & Lead Personal Trainer & Strength Coach at Reach Within

Reach Within

Testimonial: 13th June 2013

Honest - to himself and to others.
A truly inspirational, kind, gentle soul.

Sukhi has an amazing gravitating force, you do not want to stay away from him and have the need to absorb all his love and great energy.

He has changed my mind and body, and this is just after 2 wonderful meets with him. I'm very excited for our future together.

A genuine Big Thank You Sukhi!

With Best Wishes and Regards

Dee Patel - Founder & Director - D P Design Unraveled

D P Design Unraveled

Testimonial - 20th May 2013

I have only, so far, received 3 mentoring sessions with Sukhi but WoWee! White hot! I consider myself to be an experienced business woman and so business mentoring is difficult for me to find if I really want to stretch and grow. I also like to work at a fast pace and work with people who understand dreams without restraints. Sukhi is amazing …he can switch from practical and really useful information re technology or business processes to supporting a multi million vision. His advice is timely, practical and inspirational.

If you have big goals and want a mentor who can help you see through the forest and gain clarity in 20 minutes then Sukhi is your man. The 20 minutes that you spend on the phone with him will be powerful and action packed and you will come away with a list of things to do that will massively impact your business.

Sukhi is also a spiritually centred man and this is a rare combination and important to me: Business mentor grounded in spiritual beliefs and values

Tracey Carr - CEO - International Forum for Professional Coaches

International Forum for Professional Coaches

Testimonial: 10/05/13

Wow Wow Wow! Today my beautiful "TOUCH PROGRAM" was born and the first brick was laid for the "TOUCH RETREAT" that I have been dreaming about for so long - And all in just one Mentoring session with Sukhi Wahiwala!

In my heart the idea was born long ago... and today Sukhi helped me find a way to quantify it. What was only a far-away dream has now become a very close reality. Exciting times ahead!

Thank you Sukhi – you kept digging until it all came out, then one by one you helped remove the closed doors that were between me and success. Now the only way is up –

Onwards & Upwards!

Maria Gatinho - Founder & Healing Touch Master at BLISS Healing Touch

BLISS Healing Touch

Testimonial - 04/05/13

On behalf of Cygnus Corporate Concierge I would like to thank Sukhi for his major involvement to the growth of our business. Sukhi's knowledge, business acumen and his inspiring ability to bring spiritual understanding to business is second to none. His reputation proceeds him. When meeting with Sukhi you will walk out with a clear mind and a direct vision and aim to the expansion of your business. Sukhi has a way of seeing solutions to problems you couldn't find an answer to yourself, he also has a way of inspiring growth in such a clear, precise way that seems to be instinctual for Sukhi! Sukhi Wahiwala manages to do all of this and be a successful, diverse and inspiring business man and yet somehow still remains humble, integral & honest.

Joe Windsor, Director & Co Founder of Cygnus Corporate Concierge

Cygnus Corporate Concierge

Testimonial: 10/05/13

I have been asking the Universe for a solution to get my Corsets Business where it needed to be in order to allow my biggest dream to come true. The Universe sent me Sukhi... and it’s as if Sukhi heard my Prayers!

In less than 3 hours he grasped what meant the most to me, showed me ways to make it happen, and most important of all – showed me how it can happen NOW!

Where there’s a Passion, there’s a Will...
Where there’s Sukhi, there’s a Way!

Onwards & Upwards!

Maria Gatinho - Founder Director & Corset Designer Corsets Boulevard Global Ltd

Corsets Boulevard Global Ltd

Testimonial 03/05/13

“We began a few months ago with a dream, a vision of what we wanted out of our business, and not much more. We went to Sukhi after hearing great things from many people and we were not disappointed. From our first ever session we came further along than we could have ever imagined. The session bought clarity and a clear aim, and from that meeting on, we had a purpose. Sukhi brings a chain of thought that you wouldn’t ever think about alone, his vast business knowledge is evident and his words inspiring. He has developed us so much as a brand, as a business, and most importantly as people. We cannot thank him enough. ”

Amardeep Singh - Director & Co-founder of Cygnus Lifestyle.

Cygnus Lifestyle.

3rd Testimonial 01/03/13

This was my fifth session with Sukhi.
I noticed it was completely different from my previous four. It took me that long to be in a clear and receptive space. There was a lot of ‘stuff’ to get rid of – fear, resistance, struggle, negativity and overwhelm. Sukhi also helped me identify my true niche: senior people due to retire (which I initially resisted). However, it eventually became obvious to me that, at the ripe old age of 68 and having created a wonderfully rewarding life for myself, I was the perfect role model. Once I accepted it, things began to happen!
For our 5th session I arrived truly standing tall in the world. I had done a lot of inner processing to move me from darkness into the light. So this time I was fully receptive. Since my last session in December my confidence was boosted by a number of events:

I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, ‘The Daily Mail’ and ‘The Daily Telegraph’. A connection I made during one of my talks introduced me to British Airways Clubs. They were re-introducing their ‘Retirement Support’ seminar and invited me to give a presentation to 200 people who were due to retire or be made redundant. My talk inspired and encouraged them to give conscious thought to creating the next stage of their life, with my help and support.
I now have a number of steps to carry out to advance me to my next level as Sukhi says “poli poli” “baby steps”.

I can only say a deeply heart-felt “Thank you, Sukhi, for your love, support, encouragement and generally for being there for me!”

Sue Plumtree Author, Coach, Speaker & Fellow of Chartered Institute Of Personnel & Development

Life Enhancement Coach

2nd Testimonial

When I arrived for my session with Sukhi I was in a very dark place. It was a place I’d been for the past 3 or 4 weeks when I was terrified and paralysed by a feeling of financial lack.
By the time I left, not only did Sukhi help me dissipate my fear but I came away with a number of new and intensely practical insights and learnings:

- A newly refined niche: I specialise in the removal of fear for 4 distinct groups: those who face retirement, those who are made redundant but, because of their age, are unlikely to get another job, older people experiencing bereavement and marriage breakdown. These people often – wrongly – believe that their life is over. Those due to retire or been made redundant believe they are useless and have lost their self-worth.

- My job is to open the door that enables each of them to see that yes, there IS life after (each of these life events)

- A clear structure for talks to attract client attraction

- A Clear pricing structure & Program to offer

Thank you so much!

Sue Plumtree Author, Coach, Speaker & Fellow of Chartered Institute Of Personnel & Development

Life Enhancement Coach

Testimonial 20/04/13

"Words are important things. In just a couple of hours, I was reminded of just how important they can be and how, if the right context is added, then words can bring nothing short of revelation.
If you are looking for the answer within, if you have the nagging doubt that you have all the pieces but you've never seen the lid of the box and you can't see the picture then I implore you, do whatever it takes, find the money, find the time and spend it with Sukhi. He was able to unlock the secret, to help me understand my true purpose, to line up my own words to reveal the picture I had never seen.
Sukhi Wahiwala has a rare gift. He's humble, inciteful and full of integrity and now I truly understand why time spent with him is so valuable. Soon, we will all see the 'Real Me' and I thank Sukhi most sincerely for helping me see that I've always been the right man for the job, i just kept hiding behind myself and never saw the value I add."

Alan Gee - Founder & Trust IFA Trainer & Coach

IFA - T R U S T Certification Program


Sukhi Wahiwala's philosophy of combining business and spirituality has not only created outstanding thought leaders, but people who are able to make profound changes in every area of their lives, Pure Genius!

Sukhi has the ability to unlock a businesses true potential. Only something that a truly experienced entrepreneur is able to do. Within moments of looking at my business Sukhi was able to show me exactly how to increase my profits by 400% over night!!

Anyone who is serious about creating a spectacular lifestyle while making a difference in the world needs mentoring from someone who is living proof of that, Sukhi Wahiwala is that person

Thank you

Dominic Knight- Best Selling Author & Founder of Dominic Knight's Harley Street Clinic

Dominic Knight's Harley Street Clinic


I teach transformational bodywork and am a holistic practitioner. When I first met Sukhi, I was working at establishing my new business alongside a full time job which I wanted to leave. I was in a place of being ready to up-level pretty much every aspect of my life.

I felt so compelled to meet and explore working with Sukhi Wahiwala after reading about him, so I contacted him via his website. From that point onwards, in every interaction I had with him - from his personal email response and our first conversation over the phone - I knew I definitely wanted to work with him. I was therefore delighted when he invited me to meet him at his beautiful home just a few days later for an initial meeting.

I started my day asking "what would it take for this meeting to turn out even better and more amazing than we can even imagine?" and it totally did.

It's not every day I get to have a truly life-altering discussion with someone I've never met before but when we met to spend a few hours together, I felt a heart-connection. It was like meeting a long lost friend from thousands of lifetimes ago. It didn't take me long to realise that Sukhi Wahiwala is following his Divine calling to assist others to be the greatest expression of themselves so that they in turn can be a contribution to others. Not only that, for all the hours that we spent together he was totally present and 1000% committed to providing absolutely everything, and more, that was required for me during that session to make the shifts that I required to up-level

Nothing phased Sukhi and there was no judgement, just wisdom and compassion and warmth in a healing environment. I was able to openly discuss and clear some of my deepest fears in a truly safe space, and experienced several profound shifts during our time together. Sukhi assisted me in finding clarity and simplicity in some very personal challenges that I had been trying to make sense of. This was a mentoring session that exceeded any expectations that I may have had. It really felt as if everything was in alignment, like being connected to Source. Several specific things I had written on paper the night before in preparation for our meeting and others I had been mulling over during the drive up were brought up and addressed by Sukhi before I even raised them. Our time together was magical. Like being in the Vortex. I feel a new faith and reconnection with myself.

For all his success and mastery of business and commitment to get you the required results, Sukhi is down to earth, accessible, spiritual, open-hearted, sincere, funny, genuinely caring, loving and warm.

I am truly blessed to have been gifted this uplifting, expansive time with Sukhi and his beautiful wife and family and excited to see what magic I can create with Sukhi by my side.

Linda Stewart

Reiki Healer - Access Bar Practitioner


“The first time I spoke to Sukhi, I knew we would work together. I have been looking for a business mentor since 2009 and we finally met in 2012.

Sukhi has the ability to break down old patterns that prevent you from being yourself. His business experiences and understanding retail trends makes him the perfect business mentor.

Our one to one sessions are very concise and delivered with confidence, depth and humbleness. I’m confident our relationship will grow and he will assist with taking my businesses to new great heights.”

Gurpal Matharu

Single Sikhs & Stone CBM

Sometimes in life you get into a mindset where you try and do everything yourself and attempt to reinvent the wheel, the question is why? Isn't it smarter to work under the guidance of someone who has been there and done it? Sukhi is such an individual and having him as a mentor the past 10 months has led to significant and positive changes in my life. His relaxed style, upbeat attitude and knowledge on virtually every subject under the sun make him the ideal person to guide you through whatever you require his guidance on, whether it's business, personal or social you will definately benefit from having him in your life!

Rajbir Singh Mudhar

RSM Construction

Sukhi testimonial
I’m a complementary therapist and I had a mentoring session with Sukhi to see if he could provide guidance on my business.

Sukhi provided clarity on my business structure and was able to pinpoint avenues I could expand into, which I would not have considered before our meeting. I came away with new ideas to implement and much more to consider.

Sukhi does run a mentoring system and if you really want to take your business to the next level I would advise you to sign up; but what’s really nice and refreshing is that there’s no hard sell. Sukhi will simply inform you of the options and leave you to decide if it’s right for you. He won’t think any less of you if his mentoring packages are currently out of your budget and you won’t feel devalued by not signing up.


Alternative Therapist

I first met Sukhi through LivingBig.co.uk Beta Event, and I felt we connected instantly – on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  He invited me into his home and I was deeply moved by the loving and open-hearted energy that emanates from him and those around him.

Sukhi was incredibly generous with ideas even though we hadn’t even started working together.  I felt he understood me.  I have big dreams and I know Sukhi is just the right the person who can help me make them come true.

I’m really looking forward to start working with you, Sukhi!!!

Sue Plumtree Author, Coach, Speaker & Fellow of Chartered Institute Of Personnel & Development

Sue Plumtree Training & Coaching

Sukhi seems to have this innate ability to tap into exactly what it is you need to talk about at that present moment in time. I find conversation just flows and that he helps me dissect the current challenges I face giving me real practical tools and advice. 

Personally I can relate to Sukhi on many levels which means as a mentor he not only helps me develop my business, but that I develop emotionally and spiritually at the same time. All of this comes without an agenda and you feel like you have his undivided attention at all times. I was in a great place in my life when I met Sukhi but I feel that its his influence that has pushed me and took me to the next level.

Kate Waters - Founder Owner Bureau Navitas

Bureau Navitas Consultants

Sukhi showed me the keys to the business kingdom in our very first session by
suggesting an outrageous strategy for pulling the different arms of my business
together. This single recommendation solved more than three years of confusion
and struggle, enabling me to move forward with my business plans with a newly
found freedom and confidence.


Dave Hompes - Author & founder

H Pylori Symptoms

"Feeling increasingly disheartened and frustrated with how our Business was heading, I stumbled upon an online video of Sukhi which left me feeling like I HAD to at least try to contact him.
We connected via email followed by a phone conversation. Sukhi then kindly invited me to visit him for a face to face discussion.
Let’s keep this very simple,…from the moment the door of Sukhi’s beautiful family home opened, every last drop of anxiety and fear soon vanished.
It is rare, if ever that I come across an individual with such compassion, dignity, humbleness and with an air of spirituality that you will sense from the moment you connect with him.
I was made to feel at home and that I certainly did! Sukhi’s had a unique ability to connect with me on a personal level as well as extract the issues I had with my current situation, then feed them back to me in absolute accuracy followed by a clear concise and simple solution.
There were numerous occasions during our time together (I would not class this as a formal meeting) that Sukhi had pre-emptied my thoughts before I had even shared them with him.
Breaking down complex strategies into simple to understand step by step guides, complimented by some of the best analogies I have yet to hear is what I took away from yesterdays engagement with Sukhi.
The drive back to Hertfordshire was a time to reflect on the last 3 or so hours with Sukhi and left me feeling truly blessed to have crossed paths with a truly unique man who’s passion and mission in life is to genuinely change the lives of others.
Should a boat of opportunity to connect with Sukhi float in your path, my only advice is to “hop on” and enjoy the experience.
Onwards & Upwards for us….
Thank You Sukhi…"

Wayne Taylor - Creative Director

Brigh Factory Web Development

When I started working with Sukhi I had £45K of credit card and overdraft debt, a property business struggling in many different areas including profitability and cashflow, resulting in my overall monthly expenses being greater than my income. I have now reduced those debts to zero, my property business is much stronger and overall monthly expenditure is less than 50% of my income. A creditable improvement! Is Sukhi responsible for all of this? Probably not but I do thank him for his insight, for his support, for him giving me an extra push where needed and when needed.

A coach is someone who gets you to see what you’re not doing and gets you to do it and Sukhi certainly has a way of doing that – his own way! If you want to accelerate your success, try him today!
Best regards

Ian Hadley

  Senior Project Manager & Property Investor

Thursday 21st June 2012
It took me 5 hours to reach Sukhi on the morning of our meeting and even though we only spoke for a few hours, I have never thought about myself in the same light since.  It was akin to a person going to an AA meeting and finding out they were a drunk, only mine was positive and left me feeling more whole and incredibly different (in a good way) about myself. 

I found Sukhi to be a very grounded man with a huge heart and his knowledge in business was very clear, something I was really hoping I would identify easily as this is important to me if I am to make any changes in my mentors.

I didn’t feel pressured to come on board, or compelled to buy or sign up to anything, in fact it was the opposite and was a very relaxing, warming and eye opening experience.  If anything, I feel honoured to have found someone of Sukhi stature who is willing to help me take my business to the next level! 

My five hour drive could be doubled and I would still come down again, it’s a great feeling to be in the presence of a person who strives to get the best out of people.
Warm regards,

Learning Smiling Helping

Daniel Halenko - Founder Director

You Can Be Happy Too

Sukhi Wahiwala,
I have known Sukhi for many years and never ever spoke about business during this time. I say this simply because the person Sukhi is when not talking about business is the same Sukhi that is my Business Mentor.

He is calming and all knowing which for me is very reassuring. Running a business in the present unsettling economy is not easy,  and to do it without a mentor or business partner is even harder. For me in my mind, Sukhi is my Business Partner that as gone through what I am experiencing many times over.  This has given me support and the knowledge base to draw upon.

After my very first session I came away with the feeling that I had done the right thing!  That first session brought clarity, peace of mind and simplicity where previously there was complexity!  I was working hard on the wrong things and worrying about problems that weren’t, in reflection problems at all.

Sukhi was able to focus me on what I Needed to do and not on things that I Didn’t Need to do! I will advise you to take action and join him Today!

Pav Patel - Founder Director

One Source Communications

Sukhi is an amazing person, who brings warmth and clarity to any situation. Sukhi has taught me to focus on the most important aspects of my business, and prioritise my strengths, while working with those, who address my weaknesses.

Anyone working with Sukhi are truly blessed to have him onboard.

Dean Griffiths - Founder Director

Emotional Coaching

Sometimes you meet an individual that simply takes your breath away. I met one such person this week. Their humbleness, generosity of spirit, depth of expertise, and speed in taking focused action has just blown me away and again made me realise that I have to hold myself to a higher standard. 

He plays it very low key however I really have to put it out into the universe and say 'Thank You' Sukhi Wahiwala.  Make a note of that name, and if you ever get the opportunity to spend a few minutes in his company, grab it.

"I want to be like Sukhi when I grow up" 🙂


Marilyn Devonish - Founder director

TranceFormations TM Trainings

My first meeting with Sukhi was mind blowing where his generosity and trust shone through like a beacon of light. His humble demeanor, insight and simple suggestion proved invaluable. My mind was buzzing all the way home and full of energy through the following days.  

If a single meeting could create that result in me, what could a series of meetings achieve.  I am so looking forward to the next few months.   

You need to speak to Sukhi today!

Hugh Malcolm - IT Consultant

What can I say about Sukhi. He has brought clarity and possibility to my life. I had been going through life playing it safe and secure with a nine to five job. I came across Sukhi's website and really felt I needed his advice, however, I hesitated to contact him as I felt I wasn't successful enough and I would have to be a person of a certain calibre or someone who had already achieved so much to get help from him, how I was wrong!

This is exactly where his expertise came in. He got me focussed and helped me discover my inner power. Through some of his profound insights and shifts I instantly hit my targets at work and not only that, I now see myself as an entrepreneur and now anything is possible. This hIelp went beyond work, my relationships have also turned around.  I see a future of freedom and I'm becoming self employed which is is a scary thing but I have the belief of success and things are falling into place.  

No matter who you are or what you think you are, Sukhi will transform your life.  

Thank you Sukhi

Ravinder Plahe - Qualified Optometrist

Warm, friendly and smiling is the initial demeanour you receive when meeting Sukhi.  The only difference this is not left at the initial stage.  It oozes through every cell of his being and through everything he interacts with.  He is humble and gentle and yet he has such presence and authority.

With Divine Inspiration we met and am whole heartedly grateful. Sukhi is a man who lives the values of Integrity, Humility, Vision, Truth and Sincerity.  These values I hold close to my heart and am blessed indeed to have found not only a Mentor, but also another brother who upholds these.  He ensures the best is for you in what ever you are Being and Doing, in how you receive for yourself and how you give out to others.

With all these values and yet still be the top of the game in business.  He successfully combines, fundamental life values with business - a unity of all goodness to create even more goodness.  This is especially for all who he embarks to help.  This help is from the heart.

Sukhi has a laser sharp focus and cuts through any unclarity and bringing out all key points in front of you to see for yourself, recognise your own goodness and supporting every step of the way.  He has a unique ability and gift to ascertain your unique learning style and adapt to the best methods for your and bring out your strengths and healing those which need improving.  Healing here is to acknowledge them and then to raise them to a different and new uplifted level of empowerment. Added to this is the generations of wealth of experience within him, which he shares generously.  A mark of a true leader, creating more leaders, where they then can help others be uplifted in their lives, creating better work ethics, environments and lives.

Although he is a very busy and sought after individual through personal and business relationships, he gives you the acknowledgement and value of your time and existence and keeps to this without fail.  This is a quality that most successful business people seem to fail at.  Sukhi, my dear brother, you are truly Number One here!  This is Humanity.  This is Oneness!  Thank you for your Love in everything you are and do - thank you for being You!

Manjit Kaur Jootle - Founder at Aunelle


Dear Sukhi

This is from the heart...

For the last 4 months I have been thinking about getting a business Mentor.  I had already reached a level of success in Property where
I am financially independent, however late in 2011 I realised that I wanted to move to the next level.  It was a chance meeting at a business seminar that I met Ian Young, there were 1000 people at that seminar!  

Ian asked me if I knew Sukhi Wahiwalla and I said no, we chatted a bit and then i didn't see Ian until the last day of my 5 day intensive course where
we shared a taxi around Rome.    Ian once again casually mentioned Sukhi's name and recommended that I touch base with him.  I took Ian's details and said I would call him the next day when we returned to England as he would be with Sukhi.  Which I did.

I chatted on the phone with Sukhi for about 5 mins and I immediately felt comfortable and intrigued to find out more.  I googled him and saw immediately he was the right
person to mentor me. So I made an appointment and went to see him at his home the following week.

Sukhi and I chatted for some time and I was struck by his warmth, spirituality, intelligence and incredible business acumen in a variety of different areas.  It was like meeting an old friend!

I went home and did something that I never do!!! Usually I overanalyse and over think  about something.  This time I signed up.  I knew he would be able to 
take my property investing to the next level so I took the steps and started as a mentee and booked my appointment for a months time.

The following week I went to County Donegal on the North West Coast of Ireland.on a trip with my sister..whilst travelling around there I had a thunderbolt of an idea  which came out of the blue.  This idea i know is my lifes mission and intially i'm going to turn into a book and more.  Its an idea that has been waiting for me for about 10 years.    I love property and I know that I will expand my portfolio in time, however this idea is going to expand me and allow me to step into my greatness.
I am so thrilled to have linked all the dots and found my mission because in my opinion when you are financially successful yet not living your mission you are slowly dying on the inside.  I shared my idea with Sukhi on my first meeting and I was amazed at his vision for it.  He has  given me the structure to turn this idea into a system that will lead to its creation.  I am incredibly honoured to have met Sukhi, his brain works like an ipad! seeing all possibilities and probabilities at once, all delivered with patience, kindness and humility. And this is just the first session!!! 

i believe seeing Sukhi and making a committment  to my future..feeling the fear and doing it anyway allowed me to be the vessel to hold this wonderful idea and contribute to uplifting the world.   Its just as the poem  by Appollinaire said...I went to the edge and I flew.  

Thank you Sukhi for being the match for igniting this idea and also  the staff that will help me carry it through to fruition.

Warm wishes

Naheed Zaman - Founder & Landlord - Investor

Fast House Sales

Today I had a wonderful session

I walked in feeling a little bit overwhelmed – I am starting a new business, setting up a website, writing a book – I have a lot going on and the minute I sat down with Sukhi – I felt I could relax. He is a wonderful blend of calmness warmth, and knowledge. Right from the start he packed my session with value. He always seems to know intuitively what I need – he mentioned the happiness I would know as I follow my calling

I am a copious note taker and needed a new system to keep my notes under control.

He gave me a wonderful new system to manage my paperwork, so I could go paperless – this has been a recuuring fantasy of mine lately!!

He is an expert at simplifying and making life easy – he also showed me an invoicing system where it takes a bout 5 seconds to do an invoice, is free and also an incredibly easy to use accounting system.

I have so many ideas at the moment, its great to have an easy way to capture everything. And to be able to live a paperfree life

We did some goal setting for balance in my life.  He then followed up with a wonderful rapport building exercises – an 8 step process - the key to diplomacy – which I am looking forward to implementing as I network and start my business.

He is incredibly observant, it’s wonderful to spend time with someone who notices that much about you, he gave me some wonderful and incredibly helpful feedback about my body language.

Sukhi helps me feel even more comfortable with myself and even more balanced.

It was a action packed 4 hour session – it was amazing. Full of insights, tools, strategies, I love the way he blends learning and laughter. Sukhi is very high energy and loads of fun to hang out with – he is an awesome coach!

Sukhi is the loveliest, kindest man, as well as being a really great coach he gives out the most wonderful energy. I feel lucky to have him in my life.

Thankyou Sukhi – that was amazing

I am looking forward to next time already.

Beth Sulivan - Founder & Lead Coach

Relationship Mentor

I wanted to go to a business mentoring session with Sukhi because I felt that I would get answers on how to do what's best for my business.

Before I had my session I did not have a clear understanding of how I could utalise all my tools and skills to provide my services.

After the session I had clarity as to how I would utalise my skills, which has given me more confidence to talk about what I do and inspire others through talking about it.

Not only did I get what was best for my business at the time I also got what was best for me.

I like that these sessions provide a friendly environment for growth & deliver more than expected.

Thank You

Bevell Niles - Spoken Word Poet

Spoken Word Trainings

Does your current business model make you much less money than you expected?

Sukhi did not only advice me on the perfect business model but he also expanded my
vision to the maximum, enabling me to see my company on a global level. Since working
with Sukhi business life seems effortless.

He truly lives mentoring life to the full - once getting started you got to stop him otherwise
you won't have time implementing. For him it's not about getting people on to his mentoring
scheme but about helping as many people as possible to leave a positive impact on this


Founder - Pony Express Speaker Trainings

In less than two weeks I plan to have my first coaching session with Sukhi. I had to delay starting the mentorship for a couple of months, but for me the shift in attitude towards my business happened immediately on meeting him and I’ve already made significant changes that’s resulted in additional income.

I’m a sceptic with many things and had never considered working with a coach or Having Business Mentor before, but Sukhi has helped retrieve my positive thoughts and give them a voice, boosted my motivation, confidence and the want to make a change. With results before we’ve even started, how excited am I?

Before meeting Sukhi i wanted to change the way i worked and improve my business, but never got around to it! I believe with his guidance i will reach my goals and succeed. He’s made a real impact on my family and we’re already benefiting from just a short time spent together.

He has this knack, a gift, the knowledge, a way of doing things – whatever you want to call it, but it works for me! I’m thankful for meeting Sukhi and the difference he’s made so far and I’m looking forward to the hard graft ahead!

Steve Willingham

Founder and Director - BRAND SHOUT

Does your current business model make you much less money than you expected?

Sukhi did not only advice me on the perfect business model but he also expanded my 
vision to the maximum, enabling me to see my company on a global level. Since working
with Sukhi business life seems effortless.
He truly lives mentoring life to the full - once getting started you got to stop him otherwise
you won't have time implementing. For him it's not about getting people on to his mentoring 
scheme but about helping as many people as possible to leave a positive impact on this
Annik. xx 

Annik Rau - Founder - Pony Express Speaker Trainings

Pony Express Speaker Trainings

In less than two weeks I plan to have my first coaching session with Sukhi.  I had to delay starting the mentorship for a couple of months, but for me the shift in attitude towards my business happened immediately on meeting him and I’ve already made significant changes that's resulted in additional income.
I’m a sceptic with many things and had never considered working with a coach or Having Business Mentor before, but Sukhi has helped retrieve my positive thoughts and give them a voice, boosted my motivation, confidence and the want to make a change. With results before we’ve even started, how excited am I?
Before meeting Sukhi i wanted to change the way i worked and improve my business, but never got around to it! I believe with his guidance i will reach my goals and succeed. He's made a real impact on my family and we're already benefiting from just a short time spent together. 

He has this knack, a gift, the knowledge, a way of doing things - whatever you want to call it, but it works for me! I’m thankful for meeting Sukhi and the difference he's made so far and I'm looking forward to the hard graft ahead!

Steve Willingham - Founder & Director

Brand Shout

I first met Sukhi through a mutual associate in 2009 and clicked with him immediately. Over the past 2 years Sukhi has proven to be not only a loyal friend but an amazing entrepreneur with a keen analytical mind. 

Sukhi has assisted me in growing not only commercially but spiritually as well and he has been my guiding light through some of my darkest times. I now ask Sukhi to be involved in all entrepreneurial ventures and trust his judgement implicitly.

Sukhi is one of the few people who will assist you with no agenda and will ensure that any venture he is involved with grows successfully. I wholeheartedly recommend getting Sukhi involved with your venture.

Best regards,

Leon Heywood - Chief Executive Officer

Vulpine Financial

Like most graduates, life after university leaves you confused and generally scared. This was me. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I felt de-motivated, not focused, and more importantly, I didn’t know who I was.

Sukhi had presented a keynote presentation at the retreat, and as most people could probably agree, Sukhi’s aura, motivation and belief gleamed throughout the room. After his presentation, he had very kindly offered all the Sangat a free introduction session within his own home – an offer which I grasped wholeheartedly.
Prior to meeting Sukhi for our introduction session, I had many questions in my mind – What is it going to be like? What am I going to ask? Is this going to help me? With all this running through my mind, I finally built up the courage to ring his door bell and moments later, all my nervousness was quickly dissolved as I was greeted by Sukhi with a big smile and a welcoming hug.
Being non-judgemental, I had noticed that I was able to connect with Sukhi instantly. I must admit – Sukhi does make things SIMPLE! His profound logic and methods of dialog has really made a deep impact in my life. I have noticed a boost in positive energy and logical reasoning every day that goes by! He has made me realise that ‘everything is as Simple as you make it’. Being an individual who loved being comfortable, I have now developed the motivation to change and ‘JUST DO’ all the thing which are going to benefit me.
I do believe that things in life happen for a reason. For the majority of my adulthood, I had been waiting to meet such a person who would bring clarity and change in my life, and thanks to Vaheguru (God), I have met Sukhi.

Gagandeep Chagger - Graduate from University of Leeds

Gagandeep Chaggar

Life is a journey, true, but it is shaped by our experiences and those experiences usually involve people.  Meeting Sukhi on your journey will have you heading in a positive direction! 

Ravjot Kaur Shah- Doctor

Doctor - General Practitioner

I do not think you can truly appreciate what you have done for me. I have spent the last 14 years of my life struggling with deep internal conflicts which have made my life a living hell. 

Most of my time would be spent thinking in one place and fighting my thinking in another place.  It is refreshing to find someone who truly understands me for me.  I have started to implement just one of the many things you suggested and that is to just be and I have felt a boost in my energy levels by 500%!

This shocks me because I did not do anything other than allowing myself just to be present, and to do what I feel I want to do, instead of what I think I have to do. each day especially at the beginning of the day.

The shift in energy is profound. When I get out of my way miracles happen.  I wish positive energy towards you for your DEEP understanding and generosity.  To me it has changed my life and changes will continue as I continue to implement what you have suggested. 

Thank-you once again. 

You changed my life.  

Thulane Akinjide-Obonyo - Marketing Consultant


I just wanted to say that I have seen noticeable changes in the way I feel and what I have done over the last few days.  I had been putting some very important tasks off for a long time. I have been avoiding claiming simple things like petrol and extra duty reimbursements at work, avoiding looking into starting our UW business which we signed up four years ago and have done nothing towards and avoiding social situations due to some terrible experiences I have been part of recently.    But over the weekend I have achieved more than I could ever imagined and felt more relaxed about taking my Daughter to her swimming and dance classes over the weekend, too.  What a productive weekend we have had!!!!  And do you know what,  none of it needed any will power.  It was a breeze.  So I guess there is this positive momentum that I have noticed over the weekend which makes me want to jump aboard and take the privilege.

Just to let you know its been a wk since i met u and its been the most productive wk i've had in a long time. ? I haven't had any dead spaces in my day which i used to. My waking hours have increased and the activity levels have shot up.. Its magic! 

Anonymous - Pharmacist Cambridge


I started with Sukhi when I was looking for the next step up. At that time my partner and I had built a property portfolio and decided to retire. We had also successfully achieved a large number of major life goals - our Bucket List.
I heard Sukhi speak and saw he came from a position of credible authority - hundreds more properties than me, experience building and owning many businesses and coming from a family of disciplined wealth creation. More than that, though, I noticed his vibe that he acted and spoke with. For these reasons I knew mentorship would be a privilege.

I've now had a number of sessions with him. We've discussed many topics intellectually; but these would have been of no use if there wasn't also the context shift I was getting from being with him. It's the raising of my internal frequency that comes from his focusses attention that allows me to make sense of the words. It's that emotional growth that allows me to feel my capacity for wealth attraction (and keeping) to rise continuously.

Lastly, I realise that it's rare for one as skilled and able as Sukhi to give one in my position this time. A such,
out of respect for my teacher's focus and attention, I ensure to always implement what tasks, ideas and suggestions he gives. This doingness solidifies the vibe I've been given and makes the outer world shift around it accordingly.

The result is a number of physical world changes. But the reality is I have a certainty the greatest improvements are already on their way, special delivery from the universe.

Mathew White - Co Founder - Practical Results IT Architecture

Practical Results IT Archtecture

I’m a big believer that everything happens from a reason and our life path is to all intent and purpose mapped out for us. That brings me back to about 18 months ago when we officially met in Fiji (although our paths did slightly cross on some courses previously!) I know you remember the chance meeting on the port and we chatted for hours, you blew my mind from that very first meeting and have continued to do so since!!
I’ve never known anyone to read me so well and I’ve read other testimonials written by other people you have mentored so I know I am not alone in this. I had the privilege of travelling back with you to the UK from Fiji and I think we discussed just about everything!!  I was amazed at how through many metaphors you bit by bit unblocked those issues that had held me back for many years.
Since that first meeting I have been fortunate to see you several times at either courses or visits to your beautiful and well loved home. You have moved me positively forward in many areas of my life and I can honestly say during every encounter we have had whether it be just a 5 minute chat or the day and half that we spent travelling, you have always given me some valuable ‘learnings’ to take away. I have always endeavoured to take the ‘learnings’ and push myself from my comfort zone, positively forward, however painful and challenging they may be at the time and I am now 18 months on reaping the rewards of this.
I am now in the process of setting up the business of my dreams, which is to give elderly people, especially those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia a better quality of life through a programme I have devised. You have always believed in my dreams and always ignited my passion and desire to make major breakthroughs is this area.
I have grown so much in so many ways, with a huge contribution from yourself, your words of encouragement, your passion to helping others achieve a better and more rewarding life and your genuine and compassionate nature is so apparent to see.
Sukhi you have a very ‘god like’ presence, with an answer or a solution to all most any challenge, some of the shifts in my own thinking have been both instantly and subtly changed by yourself, so that sometimes hours after our conversation the ‘learnings’ I have found are still taking place from the ‘seeds’ you have previously planted, only hours before.
I have a very ‘rich’ life now, which many areas are through the valuable mentoring from yourself, rich with regards to my precious family and friends, my intuitiveness and insight into others, my determination to succeed in my chosen business and the many ideas and aspirations that I know I will achieve in the future.
I do strongly believe that my life is destined to take a very fortunate path (although very rocky at times) and that part of my success would contribute to that chance meeting with you Sukhi in Fiji. I am very grateful for all the mentoring you have given me and how you have made me feel a very valued member of your ‘family’. The future is exciting and I know you will always play a large part in my life and future successes.
A huge huge thank you!!! Onwards and upwards

Tracy Hunt - Founder Director,

Make Way For Tomorrow

"Sukhi has a gift to give you,  the knowledge, experience and learning that you need right now.
He has an innate ability to see what problem you have and to provide the appropriate solution for you where you are at right now. He provides it in a way with complete integrity and humility for your needs. He is always there to serve, for your better purpose.

Working with Sukhi is like working with a Master Mechanic for the Mind!  He can quickly identify any unconscious blocks, take them out of the equation, and then provide a path to a wonderful new solution. His Business background is just an extra layer of understanding that he has to offer and apply to the good of Humanity at large.

It has been my gift to be able to work with him.  Thank you my friend.  Onwards & upwards!"

Mark TR Hayes - NLP Master Practitioner

Pony Express

"I have known Sukhi for a few years from working within the same industries. Even before I started my coaching sessions with Sukhi, no matter how busy he was, he always made time for me, listened to me and made me want to be the best that I can be – a natural coach.  Sukhi is an amazing, humble, warm hearted man who radiates a real positive energy in everything he does. I’m attracted to want to learn from him, to be successful like him within business and raising my family.  

He is an extremely knowledgeable man and after our coaching sessions I feel like ‘a light has gone on’ and I feel enthusiastic about my future, both personally and for my business. Sukhi has always believed in me – that means the world to me – thank you."

Michelle Thorn - Founder & Director

The Little G Company

"One of the most common problems business owners face is getting trapped inside their organisation, dealing with the day to day and losing sight of the bigger picture. What Sukhi brings to the table is clarity. Pure and simple. He doesn't patronise or dictate to you but works with you and enables and empowers you to find the answers within yourself. After all, who better knows your business than yourself.

It's now more noticeable for us that businesses that thrive are run by people who realise they can't do it all and have sought expertise in areas in which they are deficient. What we all need is that objective voice. Sukhi fulfills that role. He has the ability to hold up a mirror to your business and make you realise where things aren't working and what action you need to take to break out of that cycle and move to the next level.

Sukhi helps you drill down to the essence of what you offer as a company and the value you can bring to clients. That clarity enables your communications to truly resonate with decision makers. It can get to the heart of your client's business and make them aware that you have the solutions they require to progress their own organisation.

Not only did we take action to change our own approach, but cemented an ongoing relationship with Sukhi as an essential part of our business."

Peter Doherty - Co Founder & Director

International LIFE Magazine - for the Uber Rich

"Sukhi has the rare quality of understanding the practical steps you need to take to make your goals achievable , often people have ideas about what they want to achieve but never actually achieve it as they lack the understanding of what specifically they need to do to make it happen, I have found Sukhi's help has accelerated the rate of growth in my business and helped me avoid some of the hidden pitfalls I would have fallen into if he had not been guiding me. I would advise anyone to see Sukhi today as his value, experience and skills are unique and unparrelled in my view." 

Stuart Jones - Director, Marketing Consultant

Busines By Design Group

"Speaking to Sukhi, we connected at many different levels and had a really honest, heart-to-heart conversation which was powerful, beautiful and generative. Sukhi has an intuition which allows him to see beyond the conversation, into what is really happening and together with his wealth of experience, is the right person to go to for sound business and financial advice which is explained in a down-to-earth and relatable manner."

Jasdeep Singh Khalsa - Personal Development Guru

New Life Awakening

"Since receiving coaching from Sukhi, I have experienced a number of significant and phenomenal shifts. The greatest being that I am now taking action and going towards goals that I have kept tucked away for years. My mind is feeling a lot more clear about how I can achieve my goals. Sukhi has also really helped me to get over the fear and to get going with what I want to achieve.
The great thing about Sukhi is that he prepares you for long lasting results, not just a quick fix. He really is good at helping you prepare the foundations on which to build your dreams."
I feel privileged to have such a great mentor!

Toria Ama Tsakpo - Founder & Lead Vitality Consultant

Toria Ama's Health Club

"A coaching session with Sukhi in one word is ‘Powerful’! He is an extremely insightful and knowledgeable coach who has a great passion for sharing his knowledge and giving immeasurable value to his clients.

After only spending a couple of hours with Sukhi, I noticed I had made several breakthroughs, in particular relating to my business goals and personal relationships. It only takes a short time in his presence to feel impacted by how adept he is in this field.  He clearly possesses a gift that allows him to connect on a deeper level, get inside your mind, tell you what you’re thinking before you say it, inspire you with clarity and open your world up to endless possibilities.

By the end of our coaching session I felt motivated, inspired and full of positive energy to go out and achieve my goals with clarity and a sense of purpose. I would describe Sukhi as high spirited, enthusiastic and very focused on his client's success. 

I can’t thank Sukhi enough for the changes he has helped me created in my life already. His ability to help others get results is what really sets him apart from the rest. I would highly recommend Sukhi to anyone who is looking to achieve extraordinary results in their life!"

Nik Kalsi - Founder, Consultant & Trainer

The Career Expert

"I would like to thank Sukhi Wahiwala for all the work and effort he afforded me on our work together. Over the course of my consultation Sukhi was always aware of what we were trying to achieve and employed everything possible to exact a positive outcome. 

The result was that I was so charged and buzzing with ideas by the time we had finished, I was amazed at how many positive and workable ideas I had actually achieved. Never before have I been so enthused about anything, as much as what Sukhi has been able to nurture in me. Suffice, it to say that his unique Alladins Cave of information and techniques are so immense, that I would recommend anyone  both corporate or individual to seek this man out and make use of his superb talents."

Master Mo Malik - 4th Dan Chief Instructor

Viper Martial Arts Academy

"Sukhi is always ready to share his new and powerful experiences with you as his Private client.  i feel that my future becomes clearer every time i meet Sukhi for a Coaching & Mentoring Session. His knowledge, wisdom, and motivation have an  amazing effect on you, I will say it's an honour to have Sukhi as my coach and mentor, even more to have him as a friend! 

After a recent mind blowing session the other day, i Was thinking all the way home while driving & Clearing the decks of some frogs in my mind for the week ahead; looking forward to new positive change & to the focused future with Sukhi's strategies & gifted mindset... meet him today and get clear about your way forward!"

Darren Hunt - Founder Director

Wealth & Vitality

"As a Martial Artist of 38 years, I do consider myself a Master on several levels and part of my training has been to develop the ability to 'read' people and their character.
In my opinion, Sukhi Wahiwala is indeed a Master of the Mind-Set. He has an uncanny ability to get to the gist of the matter and 'read behind the lines.' Sukhi succintly manages to
coax you to not only ask questions of yourself, but more importantly, to answer these questions!

Growth, whether it be physical, mental or spiritual comes from breaking out of your comfort zone .... and this can indeed be uncomfortable! But, Sukhi's calm and serene demeanour
helps you to explore areas that are sometimes neglected, areas which are usually crucial to one's own development.

Sukhi has helped me to see beyond some self-imposed barriers and I can only see tremendous developments through our further sharing of knowledge. I am so looking forward to 
'Round Two' of my Mind Training with the Master - Sukhi Wahiwala." 

Sijo George Fitzgerald - Founder & Master Instructor

Tang Lung Combat Academy

"There are some things in life you cannot afford to be without. I needed a business mentor but found myself in the presence of one the most complete mentors and coaches. A successful Businessman, Master NLP Coach & Business Mentor - he knows all about your Inner World and Outer World SUCCESS. He gives mindblowingly more than one would expect and has an absolutely infectious energy. 

Live a full life and make it huge and be certain of this future. This is what Sukhi will do for you.  It doesn't matter who you are or what background you're from. You should do yourself a favour, you deserve success;  - Talk to Sukhi Today!

I have never been more certain of my success and celebrate that he is my coach every day!"

Bas Darigala - Corporate Accountant

"There is something to be said of Knowing.  The moment we met Sukhi we knew the impact he was going to have in changing our lives.  Sukhi’s incredible warmth and sincerity coupled with humble spirit shined a genuineness and care that reflected in our first session’s results.  What was extraordinary was how quickly Sukhi got the picture which resulted in quick shifts and immediate changes felt.  

Over the next few days we realised these changes were at a level deep in our lives and were massive shifts in our thinking.  Our session was truly an inspirational mindset experience.  Thanks for kick-starting us on a new journey and we look forward to our next coaching session!"

Vishal and Jasmita Thakersee - Founder & Director

Sens Oasis Ayurveda

"Sukhi has assisted me by transforming my way of thinking and moving me towards my goals by letting go of people and negative thoughts that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted.   He has helped me become even more aware of the language that I use and taught me key questions to select the ideal business partners for new projects.  When we come across road blocks we must pay attention, take action and learn from our mistakes.  

Sukhi has been a very valuable business advisor and friend, he is a very humble and generous man with his time.  Thank you Sukhi for being the person you are."

Belinda Altenroxel - Owner & Director

Speaker Secret Events Managment

"Sukhi is a humble, beautiufl man. He has had an immense impact of my business life which has greatly impacted the quality of my family life.

Recently I have been at a point where most people will fall back into their comfort zone. Sukhi has instilled the strategy and vision to stay in a place of uncertainty.

What has this meant? I have grown massively in terms of my ability, my faith in myself and my ability to expand my comfort zone. The position I find myself in now would have stretched me to a point of a pain a few years back. Now this position is setting up a future that will dwarf any previous dreams.

Sukhi has created not only the mindset but also the practical, tangible tools to ensure we use this position as the springboard for huge success. Thanks"

Andy Whitehead - Director, Lead Coach & Trainer

Core Personal Development

"Sukhi has an awesome ability to connect the dots. Since working with him, I know I can go into any session with questions/concerns about things I am unclear about in my mind and come out the other side with clarity, drive and an increased focus for my business. It still amazes me how he just “knows” where you’re at and what you need at the time.

This ability alone has added masses of value for me and, with the skills that Sukhi has installed in me, continues to do so on a daily basis. I’m not sure if Sukhi knows, but I refer to him as “Master Sukhi” as he is quite literally “Yoda” of the business world"

James Downton - Co Founder & Director

Centurion Web Design

"Its always refreshing to meet individuals who are themselves and the same around people. Sometimes people put on a act depending on who they are speaking to hence are like different people around different people. Sukhi is not like this. He is in essence WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). His consistent, consistency means he's real and shows he is being him self, which shows he's a well grounded individual, nothing is fake with him, therefor he provides real advice, real raw content and real action."

Jatinder Palaha - Co Founder & Digital Strategist


"It's an absolute pleasure and has been a life changing experience to have met and be on Sukhi's coaching program. He has a vast amount of business knowledge and is truly able to create powerful changes and shifts in our thinking. We all have ideas and personal/business goals but if our mind-set isn’t right, our goals are impossible to achieve. He has helped me clear my mind of all the negativities and created a powerful way to draw positive energy, which is here to stay! His mentoring is completely attuned to what is needed by the individual, and his sessions are very powerful!

Sukhi helps to create that change and drive and keeps that motivation level going. He truly has the ‘midas touch’ and I’d recommend him to anyone thinking of taking on a mentor or business coach. Sukhi is a very warm, humble and most inspiring individual that myself and my husband have ever met!!"

Jas Kalsi - Founder & Director

Eternal Beauty Salon