Sukhi Wahiwala – Testimonial 04/02/14

Testimonial – Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala is an extremely sharp and perceptive individual. He can sense a challenge with someone even if they don’t say anything! This is exactly what one needs when breaking through limiting beliefs, as sometimes we can hold back.

Unlike many teachers, Sukhi is a source of both business strategy as well as improving and changing my mindset. I’m not sure what his technique is, however while I have been working with him over the past 2 – 3 years, I have changed significantly as an individual and I am well on track to achieve my ultimate goal, of which I shall write my third testimonial when this is achieved.

While in a coaching session, sometimes he will start talking about things randomnly, but it isn’t random, because he knows what he’s doing, and then afterwards, my limiting belief or block has been cleared! It does not at all surprise me that he has won awards as a coach! He deserves to!

I can only give 4 words if you want to improve your life… work with Sukhi Wahiwala.

Toria Tsapko
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