Board Member The Leader’s Club

Sukhi is now part of the board at the prestigious Leader’s Club.

“At The Leaders Club, our motto is ‘Bringing Great Minds Together’, and our vision is to inspire each other with inspiring speakers at inspiring venues.

It is a unique forum for members to exchange ideas and best practice and develop new approaches. It is an unparalleled networking organisation, where members are encouraged to use their expertise and experience to inspire leaders of the future.

Our exclusive membership is made up of leading practitioners in top Management, leadership and learning and development.
Members are drawn from key organisations, large and small, from the private, public and services sectors, as well as the military.

At our regular meetings the best authorities and speakers share their own experiences of key business issues and challenges.
All meetings take place under Chatham House rules ensuring that members are able to speak and share information freely.

First developed in 2009, The Leaders Club is independent and run for the benefit of its members nationally and internationally.
It currently has three branches: TLC London; TLC Liverpool and TLC York.”


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